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Intent Data

Lead your Marketing and Sales approach in the new world, NOW!

If any of us hear the words ‘unprecedented’ or ‘COVID-19’ one more time, I am sure we are all going to flip. Times have changed as do your marketing and sales strategy activities need to refresh. Hi, my name is Alex Austin and I’m a Business Development Manager with a twist. I am going to share with you my honest analysis of the crucial sales and marketing struggles businesses face (even before this pandemic) trying to ultimately make more money and the number one contemporary solution I recommend. There is knowing your perfect client and there is reaching them, here is how to go about it. Those businesses who have reinvented their strategies have thrived, is now your time? Increase the quantity of your pipeline while retaining the quality of the decision makers.

Your Current Pain Points

The big question is, how do I generate more marketing AND sales touchpoints in my day, without wasting time that I do not have¿ Are you one of the sales and marketing directors who has paid too much for advertisements that are not delivering the results expected. These advertisements filter through sales teams to create the chaotic sales process experienced today such as not having enough weekly meetings, no new sales and extensive conversion time frames. Your sales team are wasting their time and precious energy on unqualifiable prospects who are not able to pay the costs or willing to commit, the team are not finding this out until after too many contact points. The impact on your employees is they become data orientated instead of customer/prospect focused, overloaded with manual tasks and unable to prioritise when everything is needed by yesterday. Increasing sales activity is counterproductive when teams are working with a shoddy framework and thus struggling to reach their individual target, team targets and overall business goals. It is easy to say the data is ‘poor’, maybe you don’t know the true best way to process it?

From the above, we can draw the 2 fundamental questions:

  1. How do I find quality decision makers and connect with them on a rational level?
  2. How do I develop pipeline effectiveness and generate the time to deliver more results?

C3 (Clear Cut Connector) – The New Way We Do Things

A true role model and friend once said, “Spice Up Your Life, nah nan nan nah” and they could not be more right. The collaboration between intent data and Media Effect’s reinvented sales outreach framework is a stroke of genius and goes together like copy & paste. The ‘Clear Cut Connector’ model, developed by Media Effect, doesn’t just gather prospect information but goes beyond to gather potential client intelligence. The resulting data will determine your pre-qualified leads and therefore take priority number 1 on any sales task list. Now that we have gathered a whole bunch of data, we want to be able to connect to the intended recipient on a rational level. An attractive sequence structure has proven to be impactful and when using personal messages, genuinely connect with the reader/decision maker. So much so that Media Effect is nailing the open rates at 4x the average standard, increased the click rates revealed these attractive leads to take second place on our sales task list. Prospects who positively reply are automatically boosted to a pre-qualification level. You’re welcome.

Now, I must level with you and honestly say the quality decision makers whom we are all looking for are, and always will be, hidden among the ‘bad data’. This is what makes the second question (above) my favourite part. Once priority 1s and 2s have been completed, there is now the time to focus on the next priority in the sequence – the rest of your data. Using C3, the comprehensive outreach framework, allows sales teams to be organised in more ways than ever before. When calling these types of leads, we can derive specific outcomes that can then automatically sort these leads into 2 focus groups. Those that I can redial and those that I cannot. Putting aside the WFH (working from home) and wrong number prospects, who will be in a new email only sequence and discussed in our following publication, we will focus on those that we can redial. The call backs, the missed calls, the voicemails, and the gatekeepers. When recording a call outcome, the framework will automatically sort the prospects and allow you to focus on those that the sales rep can add more value to. Giving you more time to go above and beyond with further outreaching time and abilities.

Next Time…

Look out for our next article – How to reach those Unreachable Decision Makers, especially with today’s contact rate due to the dreaded WFH (working from home)

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Post Author: Alex Austin